Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

My name is Ramona, and I have been a certified guide for more than 15 years. I was born and raised in Brasov, a beautiful area surrounded by nature. Along with my team of certified local guides, we share the history and the magic of the places we live in, with other enthusiasts. If you are looking for a day trip that will be both comprehensive and fun, that will feed your curiosity and teach you about this beautiful part of Romania, this is the right place for you.

Our day trips are already set up and include all the information you need so all you have to do is Book Now, meet your guide and have a bite of Transylvania.

Private Groups Only

We are open to welcome private groups only. Bring your friends and family with you and we’ll accommodate your own unique needs. Let us know what you want to experience so we can create the experience of your lifetime! Travelling by yourself? Worry not: you can still book your own private tour and get your own private local guide. Contact us today and find out all the information you need for an unforgettable adventure!


Slow Travelling

We are strong believers in Slow Travelling, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy a particular place or attraction. You won’t feel rushed at all, and all the trips and tours are flexible and respect your own pace. Seeing a lot of places and attractions in a short period of time can leave you exhausted in the end. We want you to recharge your batteries instead. Thus, we will spend as little time in the car as possible and as much as we can outside.

Do not worry about the weather. There is no such thing as bad weather, but poor equipment. If you are equipped properly, (not necessarily expensively) you might even consider joining us off-season, when the streets are not as full with tourists as in the rest of the time. Just bring your energy and your smile with you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

Best Value Trips

Hiking Romania

Hiking Tours

Guide to the Carpathian Mountains

Romania is home to wonderful diverse nature, ranging from impressive mountains to poetic stretches of plains and see. Brasov area is a fantastic corner right in the middle of the country, a bite of Transylvania if you will.

Hiking Romania

Cultural Tours

Historical and site seeing

The history of Romania goes back way before the written word. Brasov area, right in the heart of Transylvania, known traditionally as Barsa Land, is an amazingly diverse place that is home to several ethnic groups that lived together here for centuries.

Hiking Romania

Hike & city

City and nature experience

With amazing wildlife and breathtaking scenery, the mountains surrounding the city of Brasov and the historical villages around, offer the perfect backdrop to have a complete experience of both culture and nature, all into one.

We have one guiding
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We have one guiding purpose - to empower people to travel the world

The culture

Ever wondered what the culture of a place has to offer? The shared values of the communities and their life-ways, the way they spend their everyday life. With our concept of Slow Travelling, there will be plenty of time for you to not only learn about the people you meet, but also to make friends. You will find out about the history of the people and places you visit, the art, architecture and religion. You'll also learn about many other aspects that helped shape their way of life. So, if you'd like to get a taste of history and gather new information and experiences, contact us today to discuss all the details.

Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

Hiking Trips

Hiking trips involve beautiful landscapes and time spent in nature.

Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

City & Hike

City & Hike Trips are ideal for you if you'd like to get a taste of both worlds.

Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

Cultural Trips

Cultural Trips are the most popular and connect you to the soul of the community.

Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

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Book your trip today if you want to live a new, adventurous experience by yourself or with your friends.

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Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania
Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania
Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania
Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania
Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania


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Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania


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Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania


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Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania


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Hiking & Cultural Trips Romania

The cities await you

With a rich history dating back from Medieval Times, the City of Sighisoara is one of the most sought after cities in Romania. Tourists from all over the world come here and get a taste of it’s ancient magical atmosphere. Apart from Sighisoara, there are also other cities that wait for you to discover them, such as:

Râșnov City

Brașov City

Peștera and Măgura Villages

Discover the Magic

Even if you're travelling by yourself or have a group of friends to join you, we have solutions that suit any situation. So everything you need to do is pack and get in touch with us. We'll give you all the information you need on how to get here and also what you're about to see.

Bran Castle

Also known as “Dracula’s Castle”, Bran Castle awaits you to discover it’s best kept mysteries.

The Râșnov Fortress

The Râșnov Fortress appears like a Fairy Castle on top of the hill, and invites you to discover it.

Brașov City

The Old Town Square of Brașov is full of history and color. Join us and discover a world full of magic.

Travelling is best with friends

Not willing to travel by yourself? No problem. Invite your dearest friends to an unique adventure.