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Are you passionate about history? Visit the villages with Fortified Saxon Churches

Fortified Saxon Churches Trip Romania

Today, the Romanian countryside developed by the Saxons has become a rarity in Europe, even if only the stories and houses of the old Saxon villages remain. But something just as important has remained behind. Their beneficial influence. If you want to learn more about Transylvanian history, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, we invite you to join us.

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Brasov Star Tour – Hike on 4 Different Mountains During Your Stay in Brasov

Hiking Romania

When it comes to mountain trips and trails, opinions are always divided. Some people prefer the so-called multi-day-tours, which involve intensive hiking on several mountain trails, one different one every day. We also include here the change of accommodation, which leads to the choice of sleeping in a tent or a mountain chalet. The trek continues over several days until the proposed route is completed.

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