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5 reasons to visit Transylvania with the whole family

5 reasons to visit Transylvania with the whole family

Usually, when we think of holidays that involve the whole family, places or resorts with swimming pools come to mind, next to golden beaches, maybe even with slides and Ultra All Inclusive. Especially if the little ones are fond of swinging and playing in the sand. However, for the adventurous among us who want to try something different, we suggest a less usual itinerary that you may not have thought of before, namely a holiday in the Transylvania area.

Although it is not promoted as an area with many facilities for children, we want to dismantle this myth and show you that yes, Transylvania has potential and is also suitable for family holidays.

1. The little ones will feel free in nature

The area of Transylvania and Brasov in general is full of nature and surrounded by a lot of green. You can choose a stay that includes, for example, riding lessons, and the little ones have the chance to ride a pony. On another day you can choose easy nature walks (there are dozens of easy and child-friendly mountain trails), and then stop off at a local restaurant with delicious food. And, if you like the idea, you can of course spend a day in the heart of Brasov, a multicultural city, full of good vibes and late-night terraces in summer. Sometimes concerts and fairs or exhibitions are organised in the city centre. If you still want to go to the swimming pool with your little ones, Brasov has several such places, with swimming pools with slides and pretty much everything you could wish for. And on another day you can choose to go to the Zoo and, why not, to the Planetarium.

2. You will have the opportunity to spend a different kind of holiday

Forget the classic beach holiday, where every day is like the other! Here you can do something new every day. Whether you want to visit a famous castle in the area, or go for a walk in nature, or simply relax in a restaurant, the Transylvanian area has it all! And if your little ones are over 5 years old, you can even visit a Brown Bear Reserve, the largest in Eastern Europe, which is home to over 100 bears rescued from the hands of bad people.

Visit Transylvania

3. Visit Transylvania: you can do something new every day

Whether you choose a day at the spa, or the pool with slides, maybe another day you go horse riding or even to the bear reserve, Transylvania has it all. Nature walks and easy hiking tours you will find dozens, suitable for families with children. Also, if you wish, you can climb up to Poiana Brasov and further on by cable car to Postavaru Hut. What could be more exhilarating than a holiday where you can have it all and do a little of everything?

4. The locals are warm, friendly and English-speaking people

Whether you choose an AirBnb or go for a classic accommodation option, don’t be too surprised when you find that most of the locals speak English. The city is very developed on the tourism and service side and many companies are looking for English speakers mainly, but also for speakers of other languages. So don’t worry. In case you get lost or need some information, there will always be someone there who can give you the answer you need.

5. Hire a professional guide so you don’t miss anything!

With so many leisure options, you wonder which ones would be best for your family. Especially if you have young children, you’ll want those activities that are suitable for them. Have you thought about getting a professional guide? If you choose to visit Transylvania, you’ll get help and the best suggestions in mapping out your itinerary. Also, you will be suggested only those types of family activities, and moreover, you will be accompanied by the guide who will explain everything step by step.

Where can you find a 100% reliable English-speaking guide? It’s that simple! On our website we have prepared for you a series of day trips, day tours and exciting activities that we organize in Brasov and its surroundings. And if you need a 100% personalized holiday, we will listen to your family’s needs and prepare a dream holiday for you. The little ones will definitely want to come back!

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