Transfagarasan, the most beautiful road in Romania

Transfagarasan Day Trip

Transfagarasan is the road through the Fagaras mountains, which starts in Brasov, Arges county and ends near Cartisoara, Sibiu county. With a length of about 152 km, part of DN 7 C, the road connects the two historical provinces of Muntenia and Transylvania.

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What do two Romanian Villages have to offer you?

Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, somewhere in the heart of Transylvania, there are two villages for which time seems to stand still. They are called Magura and Pestera. Besides being in a special mountain area, many tourists have remarked that...

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First time hiking? Here’s how to prepare

Surely Romania can offer hundreds of hiking trails for all types of mountaineers, with or without experience. But what do you do when you want to try this activity, but have never done it before? Here's how to prepare if it's your first time in the mountains.

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3 important cottages in Brasov county

Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

For mountain lovers, huts are first of all an important refuge, but also, often, a destination in itself. If you plan to spend a few days around Brasov, on the mountain paths, you can think about stopping at a hut, or directly camping around them. In this material we intend to present you three of the most popular and beloved huts in the Brasov area.

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The dragons and giants of the legends of Mount Tâmpa

Brasov Hiking Day Trip

When you say Brașov automatically your mind flies to Mount Tâmpa and to the name of the city written on its summit. From the top of the 960 m high Mount Tâmpa, you can capture the most beautiful views of Brasov and especially of its old city centre. There is no shortage of legends about Tâmpa, especially as we are in a region full of stories about the mountains near Brasov.

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7 Ladders Canyon – a great nature escape near Brașov

7 Ladders Canyon Day Trip

The 7 Stairs (Ladders) Canyon is a gorge carved into the Jurassic limestones in the western Piatra Mare Mountains in Brasov. It's a place where people often come to enjoy nature and spend a day away from the hectic city.

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Brasov Star Tour – Hike on 4 Different Mountains During Your Stay in Brasov

Hiking Romania

When it comes to mountain trips and trails, opinions are always divided. Some people prefer the so-called multi-day-tours, which involve intensive hiking on several mountain trails, one different one every day. We also include here the change of accommodation, which leads to the choice of sleeping in a tent or a mountain chalet. The trek continues over several days until the proposed route is completed.

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