Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

3 important cottages in Brasov county

Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

For mountain lovers, huts are first of all an important refuge, but also, often, a destination in itself. If you plan to spend a few days around Brasov, on the mountain paths, you can think about stopping at a hut, or directly camping around them. In this material we intend to present you three of the most popular and beloved huts in the Brasov area.

Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

Curmatura Cottage

Curmătura is a hut at the foot of the Piatra Craiului mountains. It’s remote for the traveller who is not used to the mountains and trails and close for the mountain goers. The main trail starts off gently through deciduous forest and climbs steeply up to an area of glades. The trail isn’t easy, but it’s pleasant. As soon as you reach the glade you regain your energy as a wonder of mountains is revealed. From the glades you can see the entire ridge of Piatra Craiului. It’s a sight you won’t forget for a long time.

In winter you will find only the silence and the white of the big snows. The Curmătura hut is welcoming and always warm. In the warm season, if you arrive in the early part of the day, you’ll still find cottage cheese pie. It’s fantastic, you’ll always remember it and when you go to Piatra Craiului again you’ll go for this pie too. Cabana Curmătura is famous for its cheese pie.

The ridge trail is beautiful. The climb up and the descent are steep, over rocky or grovelling areas, but the effort is well worth it.

If the roads take you to Bran and you feel you want a bit more, more nature and more fresh air, walk to Zărnești or to Peștera and take the trails to Curmătura, they will comfort your soul.

Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

Chalet Mălăiești

The Bucegi Mountains attract impressive numbers of tourists from the country and abroad every year with their wild beauty still untouched by the rapid modernization that is taking hold of other similar areas in the mountains of Europe. In the Bucegi, on the bare peaks and through the forest carriages, the few huts scattered among the many trails that have them as a destination or as a starting point are a unique experience for hikers who cross their threshold. The mountain huts are places where worries are forgotten and guests and hut-keepers seem to have known each other all their lives. One such place is Malaiesti Hut.

The Malaiesti Chalet (or locally known as “Cabana Malaiesti”) was the first hut built in the Bucegi Mountains, around 1900. Although it has a tumultuous past, full of vicissitudes and natural disasters, it has managed to resist until today and has a capacity of 120 places. Bookings are made in advance, especially during the summer, when there are always many tourists in the area. There are also camping sites around the lodge, and sometimes brown bears prefer to visit the area in search of food.

There are several hiking trails from where you can leave to reach the cabin. Situated at just over 1700 meters above sea level, the lodge will welcome you with good cheer, campfires and folk music, also brought by tourists who come to the area.

Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours

Postavaru Hut

Whoever arrives in Poiana Brasov, will surely end up at Postavaru Hut, to warm up with a hot tea or a mulled wine, but also to enjoy traditional food, which seems to taste different here in the mountains.

The area where Postavaru Hut is located is a fairytale place, in the Postavaru Massif, at an altitude of 1604 meters, and across the valley are the Bucegi Massif and Piatra Craiului Mountains.

The history of the hut begins in 1857, when two students from the Honterus Gymnasium, Eduard Gusbeth and Eduard Copony, managed to climb Postavaru in winter, which was a special feat for that time, and was commented on extensively in the newspapers.

Because there was no refuge in the area at the time, a group of local mountaineers started the construction of the Postavaru Hut, which took about 2 years. It is the oldest working hut in Romania. The hut was initially called Schulerhutte – Schuler Hut, after the Saxon name of Postavar.

To reach the area, it is possible to take the cable car, or follow one of the two mountain trails (red or blue). You can also opt for a tour guide. We are a group of professional, English speaking mountain guides, who know the mountain trails in the Brasov area and beyond. Contact us to find out more about the hiking tours we offer, such as the Cottages in Brasov Hiking Tours or visit our main website, Day Trips Brasov.

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