Brasov Star Tour – Hike on 4 Different Mountains During Your Stay in Brasov

Hiking Romania

Hiking Romania

When it comes to mountain trips and trails, opinions are always divided. Some people prefer the so-called multi-day-tours, which involve intensive hiking on several mountain trails, a different one every day. We also include here the change of accommodation. This often leads to the choice of sleeping in a tent or a mountain chalet. The trek continues over several days until the chosen route is completed.

We thought we’d present a similar option, with much less hassle, much more flexible and suitable for all categories of mountaineers.

Private Hikes Brasov – Choose different mountain trails every day

The city of Brasov is located right in the heart of Romania, in the Carpathian Gorge. It is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains. Thus, it is a dream come true for any nature lover, especially for mountaineers. For people interested in hiking Romania, Brasov is simply the ideal starting point for any desired destination. Within its borders you can enjoy the sown crests of the Postavaru, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Tampa mountains.

For a unique experience of discovering the mountains and nature around Brasov, we propose the Star Tour concept. More precisely, you will stay in the city, and every day you will have the opportunity to visit a different mountain! Not an hour away, in different directions, Piatra Craiului Mountain, Bucegi Mountain, Ciucas Mountain and Piatra Mare Mountain are waiting for you.

Why choose a Star Tour and not a Multi Day Tour?

A Star Tour differs from a Multi Day Tour by the simple fact that the accommodation always remains the same. In your case, it will be in the heart of Brasov where, in the evening, you can go for a walk or to a terrace. And during the day, less than an hour away, a different mountain awaits you every day. An great advantage is that you will not have to carry all your belongings with you every day for the next accommodation.

Also, the location of Brasov is extremely strategic and will allow you to have different experiences on different days. Last but not least, many people who choose a Multi Day Tour with accommodation in Mountain Chalets are disappointed to find they are all fully booked. This is because the number of chalets in the mountains of Romania is extremely small, and the accommodation conditions allow a larger number of different tourists to sleep in the same room.

Hiking Romania

Hiking on Carpathian Mountains

Hiking Romania – What do I find in the mountains around Brasov?

Being surrounded by 4 different mountains, Brasov will definitely surprise you. None of them is like another. For example, the Bucegi Mountains will surprise you with a high plateau, covered with vast meadows. You will also find steep, rocky parts, with differences in level of over 900 meters in places. You may encounter rabbits, deer, roe deer, foxes or squirrels. Find yourself running into wolves, bears and wild boars if you venture into areas less explored by man.

Piatra Craiului Mountains are declared a National Park and are protected by Romanian law. They stand out from a great distance with their imposing 25 km long ridge. A well-known plant which can only be found here is the unique Piatra Craiului Carnation.

Piatra Craiului mountains with the impressive 25 kg lime stone ridge

The Sphinx of Bucegi Mountains, legendary landmark of Romania, Europe

Ciucas and Piatra Mare Mountains

The Ciucas Mountains have a remarkable biodiversity, with thousands of hectares of virgin forest and over 1200 species of plants. You can also admire meadows, bushes and rock plants.

And the Piatra Mare Mountains will captivate you with their magic. Here, the seasons follow each other with mastery, full of charm. In spring and summer, its hills and valleys are dressed in a bright green coat. Now the shepherds go up to the mountain and invigorate the place with the sound of sheep bells. Autumn sprinkles red and gold leaves everywhere, and winter envelops everything in a mysterious silence.

Beginning of the summer in the Ciucas Mountains

7 Ladders Canyon, Piatra Mare Mountains

Choose an unforgettable experience in the heart of Romania’s mountains

If you want to discover the complete silence of the heights and the feeling of endless freedom, we welcome you to contact us. We are flexible and mould ourselves to your wishes. Our goal is to make you want to come back, with joy in your heart, enchanted by the breathtaking views.

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