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Treasures of the Astra Museum in Sibiu

Astra Museum Guided Tour

The Astra Museum is one of the most famous and important institutions in Transylvania, but especially in Sibiu county. Founded at the initiative of the Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and Culture, it opened its doors in 1905. The main reason was the desire of the Romanians here to shape their ethnocultural identity in a multicultural space.

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5 reasons to visit Transylvania with the whole family

Visit Transylvania

Usually, when we think of holidays that involve the whole family, places or resorts with swimming pools come to mind, next to golden beaches, maybe even with slides and Ultra All Inclusive. Especially if the little ones are fond of swinging and playing in the sand. However, for the adventurous among us who want to try something different, we suggest a less usual itinerary that you may not have thought of before, namely a holiday in the Transylvania area.

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Things to do in Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brasov Day Trip

Often, out of a desire to escape the stress of everyday life and have a unique experience, we choose to spend our holidays in foreign countries. We forget that Romania has many beautiful places to visit, which are just a stone's throw away from us and which, in winter, turn into fairytale places.

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The legends of Transylvania

The legends of Transylvania

About Transylvania, foreigners think it is a land of vampires and ghosts, ruled by Dracula, and the people of Bucharest think it is a region where they drink palinca and speak softly. In reality, Transylvania is a fascinating land steeped in history and legend, an under-appreciated tourist treasure.

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Bran Castle, between myth and history

Everyone knows something about Dracula, the famous character from Bram Stocker's book, which had a remarkable echo. What not everyone knows is that Bran Castle is actually the place that inspired the writer. In Bram Stocker's description there are details that indicate that Bran Castle is indeed the source of inspiration.

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