Brown Bear Sanctuary Guided Tour

Visit the largest brown bear Sanctuary in Europe and discover the story behind it

Brown Bear Sanctuary Guided Tour

The Libearty Sanctuary, the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world, is located in a 69-hectare oak forest in Zărnești, Brașov County. It is also considered the “most ethical” animal sanctuary in the world.

The sanctuary’s sad story begins in the 2000s, when Cristina Lapis, president of the “Millions of Friends” association set up 25 years ago for stray dogs, was contacted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals following complaints about bears kept in cages near Brasov.

In the nearly 16 years since the reserve was established, more than 110 bears have been rescued and are now living happily and peacefully in their natural environment. The bear sanctuary at Zărnești has 69 hectares of oak woodland, with trees for the bears to climb, pools for them to swim in, food according to vet-studied diets and the necessary medical care.

Brown Bear Sanctuary Guided Tour – an unforgettable trip

Today, the Sanctuary is open to tourists and animal lovers from all over the world. So, if you want to visit the Transylvanian area, please contact us. We can spend a whole day to admire these majestic animals. Access is also allowed for children aged 5 and over.

What else can you see at the sanctuary? In addition to the large family of rescued bears, which now lead a more than pleasant and relaxing life, the sanctuary also shelters other animals such as deer, peacocks, donkeys and even dogs.

Brown Bear Sanctuary Guided Tour

At the Brown Bear Sanctuary Guided Tour you can adopt a bear

The association that runs the Sanctuary is always looking for help for its furry friends. That’s why one way you can help and get involved is to adopt a bear. That means to donate monthly or in whatever form your budget allows, for bear care. In return, the Association will keep you informed about the progress of your chosen furry friend. Moreover, during the summer in particular, you can sign up as a volunteer at the Sanctuary. Here you will have the opportunity to spend a few days or more in their company. You will prepare their daily food according to their needs. So, there are ways you can donate and help if you feel that this activity suits you.

A therapeutic environment

Many volunteers who have come here to help say that the environment is relaxing and therapeutic. Spending half a day in nature, surrounded by the sound of birds and bears is truly a pleasure. However, sanctuary managers point out that bears are still wild animals. That’s why there are a few rules to follow when in the Sanctuary.

If you feel like visiting the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary, also called Libearty, we welcome you to contact us. We are professional, English-speaking guides, and know the stories of most of the bears in the Sanctuary.

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