Transylvania Castles : Peles Castle & Bran Castle Tour with an Extended Visit to Rasnov Fortress or Poiana Brasov – 1 Day Trip from Brașov

1 Day

Peles Castle & Bran Castle Tour

We invite you to join us on a special cultural tour. It includes a visit to the most appreciated and famous castles in Romania, Peles Castle and Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle). Last part of the day will take us to Rasnov Fortress or to Poiana Brasov, as you wish.

We would like to present each of the proposed objectives in turn, so that you can make the best decision.

So, if you have decided to visit Transylvania and discover its history, you are in the right place. This trip is suitable for both private groups and independent travelers. So you can come with your friends and family. Children will surely enjoy visiting these places too.

Peles Castle – a proof of wealth and abundance in Romania

The first stop we make is at Peles Castle. It is considered the most important historical (German-influenced) architectural ensemble in Romania. Due to its historical and artistic value, it remains one of the most important and beautiful monuments in Europe and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Romania (2nd place after Bran Castle).

The castle will surely impress you by its opulence, by the fact that it has 160 rooms, and that at its time it was fully electrified. It also had an elevator and a movable glass ceiling which opened on demand. The king used to impress his guests by showing them the starry summer night sky.

In Peles Castle we will also find a library with rare books, leather-bound and engraved with gold lettering. The Armory houses over 4000 European and Oriental pieces, as well as a unique armor for horse and knight. The Music Room became a musical salon at the wish of Queen Elizabeth. The furniture here was received as a gift from the Maharajah of Kapurtala.

The Florentine Hall, also known as the Grand Salon, impresses with its gilded, carved limewood ceiling, two large chandeliers, and decorations in the Italian Neo-Renaissance style.

These are just some of the surprises that await you at Peles Castle, a grandiose castle visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. We are waiting for you to join us and discover this diamond in the history of Romania.

Next stop: Bran Castle, supposedly the residence of Count Dracula

You won’t regret a moment if you choose to visit this castle, especially since it is located quite close to Brasov. You will be simply enchanted by the beauty of the castle and especially by the location and surroundings. So I invite you to let yourself be carried away by history and culture and you will leave home with an extraordinary positive charge of your soul.

Bran Castle is steeped in history. The character of Count Dracula first appears in the novel “Dracula”, written by the Irish writer Bram Stoker and published in 1897 in England. Originally the name Dracula is not at all frightening. It derives from the name given to an order of crusaders, the Order of the Dragon, with which both Vlad the Impaler and his father Vlad Dracul (a member of this order) were associated. The rest of the Dracula myth is due to the influence of Transylvanian folk legends and beliefs about ghosts and vampires.

Bran Castle attracts around a million tourists every year. It is the most visited castle in Romania. Join us and discover the legends and reality that have fascinated the world for hundreds of years.

The last stop is your choice: Rasnov Fortress or Poiana Brasov

And, because we like to be flexible, we suggest that you choose the last stop yourself. So, if you are passionate about history and don’t want to miss the Rasnov Fortress, you can choose to visit it. Alternatively, we can go to Poiana Brasov, for a pleasant walk in the most famous mountain resort in Romania.

Râșnov Fortress is one of the most beautiful fortresses of the Romanian country. It has been chosen by many directors for filming in various eras, one of the most important films shot here being Cold Mountain, the Oscar-winning film starring Nicole Kidman. This rocky peak has been defended since the time of the Dacians, more than two thousand years ago, as recent archaeological discoveries prove. At a time when Bran Castle had not yet been built, Rasnov was an important point for trading and taxing merchants by the kingship. From here you can see the ridges of the Bucegi, the Postăvaru Massif and Piatra Craiului. You can also see almost the entire town of Râșnov, a combination of Romanian and Saxon culture, located at 650 m altitude.

The architecture of the Râșnov Fortress is very simple, being a peasant fortress. Stone was used for the defensive walls up to 5 meters high, while inside there are brick constructions. Today the fortress of Rasnov is an extraordinary tourist attraction. A terrace has opened in the fortress and many of the buildings are now occupied by souvenir shops. The authorities are trying to revive the long-uninhabited fortress by organising festivals and exhibitions.

On the other hand, Poiana Brasov is the most sought-after and popular mountain resort in the whole country. Here, winter after winter, thousands of tourists passionate about winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding gather. Poiana Brasov resembles a small town, with luxurious hotels and good restaurants and is to the liking of all those who choose to spend a few days here. In recent years new and modern locations have appeared, increasing the comfort and satisfaction of tourists. Hotels and guesthouses, tourist huts, a church, a skating rink, a zoo, a swimming pool, sports grounds, gymnasiums, slopes equipped with artificial snow and night facilities, ski lifts, chair lifts, cable cars have been built.

A walk in Poiana Brasov can be just what you need after a day full of history. The choice is yours!

Additional information: 

Departure is at 8 A.M. from your accommodation and the first stop will be in Sinaia, at the Peles Castle. After that, the next stop is at Bran Castle in Bran County. The last stop is at your choice, either the Rasnov Fortress or Poiana Brasov. Return back to Brasov will be around 4-5 P.M.

The price includes:

Transportation/Driver/Professional guide
The guarantee that we will skip the queues and avoid long waits
Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate


Medical insurance
Other services not mentioned in the description above
Banking or e-payment fees
Food and drinks
Entrance tickets to the venues


One person – 660 lei
Two – 790 lei / group
Three – 951 lei / group
Four – 1052 lei / group
Five –  1250 lei / group
Six – 1452 lei / group
Seven – 1603 / group
Eight – 1704 / group

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    You can send your enquiry via the form below.

    Transylvania Castles : Peles Castle & Bran Castle Tour with an Extended Visit to Rasnov Fortress or Poiana Brasov – 1 Day Trip from Brașov
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