Visit the Biggest Open Air Museum in Europe and the Sibiu Old Town – 1 Day Trip from Brașov

1 Day

Astra Museum Sibiu

Would you like to travel to Romania and try out a different experience? Visit with us the city of Sibiu and the Museum of the Romanian Village nearby. Find out how diversity and tradition is still kept here, in the ideal place for preserving the authentic Romanian spirit. Find out how people from different parts of the country lived hundreds of years ago, when life was simpler, closer to nature and more peaceful.

First stop: City Tour in Sibiu Old Town

Sitting in the heart of the country, at the crossroads, Sibiu encloses Southern Transylvania like a fortress that time was never managed to be destroyed. The beginnings of this city are lost in the mists of time. When the Saxons came to these parts in the 12th Century, they brought with them standards of civilization which they planted in an eminently rural area. Here we will visit the Old Fortress, and our tour will last about 2-3 hours, during which time we will visit several places, famous among tourists that are thirsty for history.

In Sibiu you will have time to discover the Small Town Square (Piața Mică), which used to house craft workshops in the old days and where goods were displayed. Almost everything here still looks like it did in the 15th and 16th Centuries, all the buildings are now considered to be historical monuments. Not far from here is the Big Town Square (Piața Mare), which has been brought to life in 1366. In its fountain, women used to wash their clothes and animals used to drink water.

Going further, we reach the “Liars’ Bridge”. In the old days, it used to connect the “City Below” with the “City Above”. It hides four of the most beautiful legends that have been circulating in these parts for more than 100 years. For example, it is said that this bridge was crossed mainly by young lovers who swore their love to each other forever. The girls also swore that they were virgins, but after the wedding night the men would find out if they had actually lied. As punishment, the girls were thrown off the bridge. Another legend says that if someone told a lie while crossing, the bridge would shake until it brought the liar to his feet. You’ll discover the rest of the legends on this trip.

Astra Museum – ground zero of Romanian culture, tradition and spirit

The Astra Museum is the largest open-air museum in Europe. It is also the most complete, with over 10 km of alleys and over 400 buildings. It is located in a charming landscape in the Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Reserve. It is the ideal place to discover rural civilization through a relaxing walk in the middle of nature. The 10 km of paths will take you through peasant farms, workshops, wooden churches, troughs, stables, a lake and windmills.

The well-preserved original interiors will tell you about the simple life of Romanian peasants from all over the country.

Beyond the rural world, the museum offers various leisure possibilities: horse-drawn wagon and sleigh rides, restaurants, accommodation and playgrounds.
We can say that this museum represents rural Romania in miniature. You will have the opportunity to see how the Romanian peasant lived hundreds of years ago, and to learn how he procured and processed his food. The museum houses various buildings and constructions from different parts of Romania.

It is ideal for families with children to visit, due to its diversity and the fact that we spend most of the day outdoors. Also, here we have the possibility to dine at one of the restaurants in the area.

Additional information: 

Departure is at 8 A.M. from your accommodation and the first stop will be in Sibiu. Here, we will visit the Small and Big Old Town Squares and the Liar’s Bridge, which hides an interesting history. You will have plenty of time for photos and a leisurely walk. Our guides will introduce you to the city and answer all your questions. The second part of the tour takes us about 4 km away to the Astra Museum. Here we can have lunch, as there are restaurants with traditional food in the area. Our day will be quite long, with 3-4 hours driving and 5-6 hours sightseeing. Return back to Brasov will be around 6-7 P.M.

The price includes:

Transportation (350 km)/Driver/Professional guide
Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
The guarantee that we will skip the queues and avoid long waits
This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate


Medical insurance
Other services not mentioned in the description above
Banking or e-payment fees
Food and drinks
Entrance tickets to the venues


One person – 820 lei
Two – 950 lei / group
Three – 1200 lei / group
Four – 1350 lei / group
Five –  1500 lei / group
Six – 1750 lei / group
Seven – 1904 / group
Eight – 2000 / group

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    Visit the Biggest Open Air Museum in Europe and the Sibiu Old Town – 1 Day Trip from Brașov
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