Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

What do two Romanian Villages have to offer you?

Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, somewhere in the heart of Transylvania, there are two villages for which time seems to stand still. They are called Magura and Pestera. Besides being in a special mountain area, many tourists have remarked that the atmosphere here is absolutely therapeutic.

Magura village, the place called “Heaven on Earth”

Among the picturesque hills of Piatra Craiului National Park, in Brasov county, Moeciu commune, lies a secluded mountain village, asleep in the silence of the entire region. The locals have remained simple, hardworking and authentic, always eager to help each other. The visitors are curious to learn their stories, and also those underlying the formation and development of this charming land.

Here you have the opportunity to spend a few moments among the cows, horses and sheep grazing the lush grass between the houses on the hilltops, among the fruit trees growing at the edge of the country road or simply wandering through the village streets, admiring the mist that clings to the crests of the Bucegi and the Pietrei Craiului Mountains.

It is a wonderful destination both in summer, when it is joyfully discovered by those who dare to cross the daring Piatra Craiului Mountain trail, probably the most spectacular and the most difficult mountain trail in Romania, and in winter, when the generous layers of scrub cover the pastures, leaving only the green trees shaken by the wind.

Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

The village of Pestera, called “Heaven between the mountains”

Not far from Magura is the village of Pestera. Just 40 km from Brasov you will find heaven between the mountains. This picturesque village preserves the image of the old Romania, the picturesque Romania.

Situated in the Piatra Craiului National Park, at their foot, the small mountain village is the embodiment of beauty and grandeur. From the narrow streets, the view is incredible. The Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains can be seen at every turn. It is truly a village straight out of fairy tales.

What can you do in Pestera village?

Interact with the people; they are warm and eager to tell their stories. Whatever the season the scenery is incredible. Every part of the year has its charm. Even during spring, you can still catch the snow and wait with bated breath for the clouds to lift to see the grandeur of the Bucegi.

The village of Pestera is a holiday idea for everyone. If you are a nature and beauty lover, you definitely need to get here.

Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania

If we made you curious, we invite you to a trip called Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania. It is organized by our group of professional English-speaking guides. This day trip will take you through these two villages and straight into another world. The trip is also suitable for children. At lunchtime, we will admire the scenery and stop for a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. If we’ve piqued your interest, find out more about Hiking Magura and Pestera Romania here.

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