Poiana Brasov Day Trip

Things to do in Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brasov Day Trip

Often, out of a desire to escape the stress of everyday life and have a unique experience, we choose to spend our holidays in foreign countries. We forget that Romania has many beautiful places to visit, which are just a stone’s throw away from us and which, in winter, turn into fairytale places.

There is certainly no Romanian who has not heard of Poiana Brasov. The tourist resort is located about 14 km from the city of Brasov and welcomes thousands of tourists every year. It is known mainly for its modern slopes, but it also offers many other attractions. There are many things to do in the city and Poiana Brasov that you can’t miss if you want your holiday to be unforgettable. Also, if you’d like to visit the area and spend some time there, you can book our “Poiana Brasov Day Trip” today and choose your desired activities with a professional English speaking guide.

1. Restaurants

If you’re like us, the crisp mountain air is sure to send you to the table. In between your sightseeing in Poiana Brasov, put restaurants on your list.

They are located near the hotels and make you feel the Romanian gastronomic spirit. Most of them are traditional, some of them are hunting restaurants, and a few even offer a folklore programme. If you want to indulge in gourmet international dishes, then it’s good to know that your tastes will also be catered for at the resort restaurants.

2. Leisure and Entertainment Centre

Inaugurated in early 2017, the Leisure Centre in Poiana Brasov has an interior of over 5,000 sqm. The activities on offer are diverse: a 180-person bowling club, a billiards club, a mini-golf area, a climbing hall and a room with electric and electronic games.

If you’re bringing the kids, it’s good to know they won’t get bored. The almost 13,000 square metres of outdoor space is specially designed for them. Your kids can have fun on the swings, in a complex with two towers and slides. If they’re sporty by nature, they can choose the zip line or one of the three climbing complexes. There are even swings for the disabled.

3. Sauna and spa

Of course, the hotels in Poiana Brasov have prepared several spas and saunas for those who want to relax completely. Cold weather can amplify depressive moods and many of us feel a lower energy level. Spas and saunas are solutions that will restore your zest for life and recharge your batteries for the season ahead.

6. Horse riding

The winter landscapes of Poiana Brasov are of a special beauty. Do you want them to stick in your memory even more? Choose to enjoy a unique experience, admiring them on horseback!

There are several riding centres in the resort. Some of them also offer accommodation in their own villas, the possibility to dine in their restaurants and even organise events. Each centre has an instructor, so don’t worry, you can choose a beginner course. You can enjoy not only riding, but also a horse-drawn sleigh ride or a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Poiana Brasov Day Trip

7. Skiing or snowboarding

Known primarily for its slopes, Poiana Brasov is considered the most modern ski resort in the country. Managers also fire snow cannons if needed. At Poiana Brasov you can even ski at night, until 10pm and no higher than the Postăvarul hut.

Of course, a skiing or snowboarding tour is not complete without a stop at Cabana Postăvarul. Besides being able to warm up with hot drinks, what makes this place special is the extraordinary view it offers over the resort.

8. Paragliding

You may not be into skiing or other sports, but you can still enjoy the snow-covered nature with a paragliding flight. There are several centres in the resort that offer this experience, and the instructors will make you feel safe.

9. ATV or snowmobile

If you opt for one of these two vehicles, you’re sure to have a fun ride around the resort. The ATV is a quick way to visit the whole resort, and the snowmobile is an ingenious way to get out and about in nature.
We hope that all these sights in Poiana Brasov that we have presented to you will be to your liking. When you visit the resort, try to make the most of it and experience as many things as possible. We are at your disposal and we offer you skiing and snowboarding courses during wintertime, for both adults and kids. Also, if you’re looking for a different adventure, we can arrange some horse riding sessions included in our “Poiana Brasov Day Trip”. It’s all up to you. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, please have a look at our Beginners/ Intermediate Ski & Snowboard Lessons.

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