Zimbri Valley Vama Buzaului Day Trip

Meet the place where you can walk on the water and the Zimbri Valley of Vama Buzaului

Zimbri Valley Vama Buzaului Day Trip

Among the domed hills and the wide plateaus of the land where Brasov, Covasna and Buzău counties meet, surrounded by the Ciucaș hills, in the depression of Intorsurii Buzăului, there is the “Valea Zimbrilor” Reserve (Acriș village, Vama Buzăului commune, Brasov county).

The herd, spread over an area of more than 10 hectares, can be seen right from the entrance to the village, located at the foot of Buzaielor Country. The entire reserve, crossed by the Buzău River on its way to the bend, should in fact cover a total area of about 100 hectares, of which 80 hectares of forest. In the future, funds will be allocated to extend the area.

The fallow deer is the heaviest land animal in Europe and disappeared from our country in the 18th century. A project is currently underway to release the fallow deer back into the wild, and the five Romanian fallow deer breeders are taking part in the project, which aims to breed the species.

Zimbri Valley Vama Buzaului Day Trip

What can you do if you take the Zimbri Valley Vama Buzaului Day Trip?

There are currently 35 bisons in the reserve, of which the ‘sovereign’ is nine years old. The second oldest is six years old and almost a ton, this year the dominant male. He is to be moved to the Neamt County Zimbri Reserve.

Among them, several deer and two stags. The keeper walks past the pen carrying a wheelbarrow of beets, which he occasionally throws over the fence. The animals follow him, knowing they are about to get their fill of food. “We give them beetroot, hay and concentrates,” explains the caretaker and throws a few more beets over the fence.

Tourists can walk around the pen, admiring the animals. There are benches and swings in places, so if the weather is nice, it’s a pleasure and relaxing to observe the mighty animals.

The Screaming (Howling) Waterfall

The waterfall of Vama Buzaului is different in appearance from the waterfall of Busteni, which is formed by several waterfalls scattered on a red limestone terrain.

The interesting thing is that you can walk on it without slipping, just like at the Clocota waterfall in Geoagiu, and that you can admire it for a long time from a distance, from the picnic tables on the roadside.

Once you get to the Howling Waterfall, get ready to see something truly unique. The streams of water come straight out of the mountain, break over the cliffs and flow into the Howling Brook. The waterfall is made up of several linear springs that stretch for dozens of meters. In places, the rocks are reddish in color. You can walk fearlessly to the top of the waterfall. The Howl in Vama Buzăului is the only place in the country where you can truly say you have walked on water. But you’d better have waterproof footwear.

The phenomenon of walking on water at the Howling Waterfall in Vama Buzau is certainly unique. The sensation is given by the dozens of linear springs that flow smoothly down the mountain. The water flow never increases, it is constant and that’s why we have the feeling of a trail just from the water. Even if it is not impressive in terms of flow and waterfall, the waterfall is a great attraction for tourists. It’s great that not much has been done to the area and the waterfall has been preserved as it was hundreds of years ago, even thousands of years according to some research.

Zimbri Valley Vama Buzaului Day Trip

The legend of the witches

The waterfall also has a legend that gives it its name. The sound the water makes when it falls sounds like a scream, and locals say that witches once lived here and the noise is said to come from them, who still haunt the area around the waterfall. Many people say the water here is extremely clean and has helped them with stomach ailments.

They always come with their water bottles to take water from the waterfall. “If the Dacians drank from here, why can’t we drink from here. The water comes from the springs high up on the mountain, it’s clean and has properties that help stomach ailments. I haven’t had any burns since I’ve been drinking water from here,” said local Ioan Fotea.

However, there is no research to confirm the therapeutic qualities of the water. Picnic areas with wooden tables and chairs are set up in the waterfall area to match the natural scenery. Here you can relax and admire the waterfall at your leisure. You can breathe a healthy dose of fresh air. The area has not been invaded by barbecues and is therefore still an oasis of peace and nature untouched by human hands.

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