Hiking with children in Romania

Tamina Waterfall and Tamina Gorge – hiking with children in Romania

Hiking with children in Romania

Tamina Waterfall and Gorge are in the Piatra Mare massif, in the valley of Piatra Mică stream, at an altitude of 1100 meters. The waterfall is carved out of coral limestone by the waters of the Piatra Mică stream. Here there is a string of 5 waterfalls, the highest being 10 meters high. The Tamina Gorge was formed by the deepening of an old drainage line on vertical fissures in the limestone mass. The vegetation on the gorges consists of typical mountain plant species.

The Tamina waterfall is a unique place in our country, a place where nature is painted in more intense colors than anywhere else. It was formed by the deepening of an old drainage line and the collapse of a cave.

A friendly hiking trail for children also

Children can walk this trail without any problems in about three hours (children over 5 years old). This type of trip is basically suitable for anyone who loves to spend time in nature. Hiking with children in Romania has never been easier!

The trail is also worth walking to admire the mountain and the varied wild flora of the place.

The area of Tamina waterfall is a popular area for lovers of climbing routes, also being a point of tourist interest due to its biodiversity, with many species and habitats protected at national and European level. The Tamina waterfall’s moors are populated with birds and large mammals, making it a refuge for Carpathian fauna.

Among the most important habitats are those of limestone cliffs, alpine meadows, mountain peaks and springs.

Hiking with children in Romania

What about the bears? Should I worry?

The Piatra Mare valley, where the waterfall is located, is also called “Ursarie”, due to the large number of brown bears in the gorge. However, you should not worry too much: the bears are usually hidden during the day and normally stay away if they hear noises.

If you travel with a large group of people, make sure you talk to each other all the time and the bears will leave you alone. If you travel by yourself, it’s best if you have a whistle with you and blow it once in a while. However, during summertime and especially during the weekends, there is a large number of hikers on the trail which normally keep the bears away.

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