Brasov Hiking Day Trip

The dragons and giants of the legends of Mount Tâmpa

Brasov Hiking Day Trip

When you say Brașov automatically your mind flies to Mount Tâmpa and to the name of the city written on its summit. From the top of the 960 m high Mount Tâmpa, you can capture the most beautiful views of Brasov and especially of its old city centre. There is no shortage of legends about Tâmpa, especially as we are in a region full of stories about the mountains near Brasov.

It is said that under the Tâmpa there is a very large lake, whose waters, if they were to surface, could flood the city. It is also said that there are many tunnels under the mountain, that there have even been attempts to build a tunnel that would cross the city under Tampa. If the existence of the lake is questioned by researchers, the existence of the tunnels is real. There are several tunnels connecting the Council Square to the fortress towers, tunnels used in the past by the locals as shelter during enemy invasions. Today the tunnels have collapsed and access has been closed for safety reasons.
Another legend tells us that in the past, in a cave, an evil dragon had its lair and ate the children of Brasov. The dragon was chased by the inhabitants for years but to no avail. The saving idea came from a butcher who filled a calf skin with lime and threw it into the mouth of the dragon’s cave. It ate the it and then drank the water. The lime got hot, the dragon swelled up and died, and the inhabitants of Brasov got rid of the beast.

Brasov Hiking Day Trip

The legend of the nun and the legend of the giant

Another legend tells of a bloody dragon, and that a nun lived in a cave on a mountain. She found a wounded and hungry baby dragon on the mountain. She took it in, nursed it, raised it, and, as a reward, when the dragon grew up it ate her. The cave where the nun is said to have lived is today called the Nun’s Cave.

Another legend says that there was a sanctuary on the Tâmpa, a place of prayer and offerings to the gods, but also a place where witches gathered and practiced black magic. This place is a fountain that exists at the top of the Saddle of Tampa, but the existence of witches or pagan rituals is still a story.

Even the name of Mount Tâmpa is linked to a legend. It is said that a giant once roamed these places, where there was only water. At one point, the giant, careless, stumbled over a pile of earth and bumped his head against the mountain in front of him. This unfortunate incident left the giant stunned, hence the name of the mountain he hit.

Apart from these legends, there are many other true stories, such as that of the mountain being saved by the locals in the early 20th century. Several strong fires burned the forest and vegetation on the Tâmpa. The locals carried earth in baskets and then planted trees, saving the mountain.

Today Tâmpa is a protected area, a landscape reserve covering 150 ha, the only one in Brasov County.

Brasov Hiking Day Trip

Hiking in Tampa Mountain Brașov – How to get there

There are two ways to reach the Tâmpa – on foot or by cable car. The tourist trails on the Tâmpa have been laid out since the 19th Century by the mountain tourism clubs of the time.

There are three trails that climb the Tâmpa: the Serpentine Trail, the Knights’ Trail and Gabony’s Steps, the latter being the most difficult.

If you’re unsure which route would suit you best or are looking to learn more about this area as you hike, we recommend you to join us. We are a team of professional English-speaking guided, born and raised in Brașov. We organize hiking and cultural day trips and tours in Transylvania, and we are able to guide you on the Brasov hiking day trip on Tâmpa Mountain. Join us today!

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